Introducing Origin Acoustics'

Composer Sound Bars.

Free Standing or Wall Mounted.

You can install these anywhere. All of our Sound Bar models include stands but can be wall-mounted without additional hardware. This way you can enjoy great architectural style sound in areas that once prohibited it, or you can take your system with you if you move.

Flexible Configurations.

Our SB1 model is a single channel, dual woofer speaker suitable for any position in a 5.1 or 7.1 system. The three channel SB3 could be used as a stand-alone LCR or as part of larger system as well.

Origin Quality.

As with all Origin Acoustics’ speakers, our sound bars are of the highest quality and are covered by Origin Acoustics Lifetime Warranty. You can depend on this sound bar to last. Designed and voiced in Eugene, Oregon, our sound bars include durable Glass Fiber woofers and the tweeter is our unique DPSD design.

Technical Specifications


Woofer: Dual 3.5" (89mm) Glass Fiber.

Tweeter: 1" Silk DPSD

Channels: 1

Frequency Response: 65Hz-200kHz

Dimensions: 16 x 6 x 3" (408 x 154 x 73mm)

Finish: Cloth Grille, Aluminum Body


Woofer: Quad 3.5" (89mm) Glass Fiber.

Tweeter: Triple 1" Silk DPSD

Channels: 3

Frequency Response: 65Hz-200kHz

Dimensions: 42 x 6 x 3" (1068 x 154 x 73mm)

Finish: Cloth Grille, Aluminum Body